Marathon Digital Broke Federal Laws 

marathon digital

The first time they received a subpoena was in 2021. As per the rules, a Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital has broken laws. The first was given in the third quarter of 2021. In the beginning, they were not sure if the miner had violated any laws. However, they were recently given another warning.

According to the source they may have violated security laws related to the federal department. The hub is identified as Hardin, Montana. It is a 100-megawatt data center. The United States Securities and exchange commission usually looks after all these matters. They have sent a notice precisely. The notice or warning was sent on 10th April.

Marathon Digital Has Nothing To Hide

The recent statement released by Marathon Digital says the only thing they can do is cooperate. They are doing that. They are cooperative with the United States Securities and exchange commission. Marathon Digital received the notice regarding the transaction.

They felt the miner had violated rules and been doing that. The first order asked them to produce a bunch of papers and documents. Even the monthly transaction bills with the parties. This happened when they were making the hub in Montana. The second warning came regarding facilities.

Marathon Digital is also partnering up with Zero Two. This is a digital asset infrastructure company. Usually takes care of the mining facilities. They are planning on launching a new Bitcoin mining facility in Abu Dhabi. It would probably be the largest project of all time. However, until the SEC gives them a green signal they cannot move forward.