Marathon Mines Have Been Deemed Invalid In Failed Experiment

marathon digital

Marathon Digital, the Bitcoin mining firm, has gone on to confirm that it mined an invalid block of Bitcoin during one of the experiments which were aimed at the optimization of the operations of the firm. In a post made on X on the 27th of September, Marathon stated that it utilized a minute percentage of the hash rate of the firm towards these experiments, and also stressed that they weren’t really trying to change the network in any way.

Speaking about the mine, the company stated that in no way was this an experiment to attempt to alter the Bitcoin Core in any particular way. Marathon also went on to emphasize that it managed to correct the error as soon as it had noticed the invalid block. 

Marathon To Be Deemed Invalid After Failed Experiment

Marathon stated that the bug, which had emanated from the internal development environment of the firm, wasn’t at all related to the Bitcoin production pool of the company or Bitcoin Core, which is the leading software that is used to connect to the network of Bitcoin, as well as running a node. This incident took place on the 26th of September, according to Several developers of Bitcoin, along with BitMEX Research, went on to attribute the invalid block to a transaction ordering issue. Mononaut, a Bitcoin developer, also believes that the mistake by the company came from re-sorting the transactions in order of ascending absolute fees.

Dylan LeClair, a Bitcoin analyst, went on to suggest that Marathon should have ideally conducted this experiment on a major testnet before it went on to attempt something on the mainnet of Bitcoin. After retrospecting, Marathon mentioned that the cryptocurrency had been working exactly as it had been designed- by previously excluding the invalid block.