Margaret Josephs Is Quite Upset Over Teresa Giudice’s Feud With Melissa Gorge

Margaret Josephs

After Melissa Gorge, now Margaret Josephs has opened up about the ongoing feud taking place between Melissa and Teresa Giudice. At the BravoCon 2022 on Saturday, the 55-year-old star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, informed People that the family didn’t look like they would be considering any form of reconciliation in the near future.

The television celebrity also added that she didn’t really know why the tensions had resurfaced in the wake of Teresa’s wedding to Luiz Ruelas. She went on to explain that she had been in constant communication with each of the members during the filming of the show, and she believes both Melissa and Teresa had tried to do the same in their own way. And yet, things spiraled out of control during the wedding. 

Margaret Josephs Is Quite Torn Up Over Teresa- Melissa Feud

Margaret Josephs added that she was quite upset at the aftermath of it, as she knew Melissa had been working too hard for a reconciliation between the families. Josephs also went on to add that she had decided to attend the wedding of Teresa after she spoke to the Gorgas. In her interview, she mentioned that Melissa had never asked her to take a stand between her and Teresa.

Margaret herself mentioned that she was going to go to the wedding, but she didn’t feel comfortable enough to dance in it. So she went, gave the bride the gift, and wept a little when she saw how pretty Teresa looked while coming down the aisle. Later, they stayed for the cocktail hour and then left. 

Margaret Josephs also spoke about how she had been quite emotional during the wedding due to all the altercations that took place. She told PEOPLE that she probably wept more than anybody else simply because it was very hard for her to adapt to everything that was going on around her. She also felt quite sad that Melissa and Joe weren’t there to attend the wedding of Joe’s sister.