Mark Cuban Goes After Host Bill Maher At Recent Debate

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban tore in host Bill Maher at a recent interview for his anti-Bitcoin views. He berated Maher when he stated that preferred investing in soundproof underclothing rather than buying cryptos.

Cuban slammed Bill Maher for making anti-Bitcoin remarks and expressing opinions that projected cryptos as being fake. At the start of the debate, Bill congratulated Mark Cuban for his long unbroken association of 13 years with Shark Tank.

Bill Maher was clear in his opinion that he has stood against Bitcoin for a long time. Mark Cuban retorted that he wants cryptos including Bitcoin to slide even further, enabling him to invest more money in BTC. The billionaire investor also slammed those investing in gold and said they were dumb to do so.

Comedian and popular host Maher is famous for his established stance against cryptos and Bitcoin. The host also state that he considered cryptos a joke overall. But Mark Cuban continues to be a consistent investor in this sector and strongly backs Ethereum, Bitcoin, and several other popular altcoins.

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Mark Cuban said that bitcoins are similar to gold and can be liquidated anytime by the benefactors. They have an intrinsic value and can be liquidated easily. Maher argued that something of tangible value like the iPhone can be disposed of easily because it has a certain intrinsic value linked to it, the Bitcoins are not pegged onto something.

Mark Cuban confirmed past rumors that he owned more Bitcoin than gold and even admitted that he does not own any gold. He disagreed with the conventional notion that people who own any assets should hold onto them. He dismissed the concern that people who do not own their coins or gold are courting trouble.

Speaking of the safe storing of valuables, he said the main thing about storing valuable goods is where it is stored. But an investor has to make sure that he is investing in a regular entity that has the required safeguards in place.