Wendy Williams Happy To Be Back After Rehab

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was back after being released from a wellness center following a couple of months under treatment. Her representatives said that they were happy to report that the talk show legend was home and healthy after checking into a wellness facility in August.

Several media reports indicated then that Williams was in the wellness facility not for her health issues but for treatment of life-threatening alcohol abuse. One insider reported that she went from wine straight to vodka.

Her woes have been numerous this year and along with her health woes, she has faced her son being evicted and her wildly popular daytime chat show taken off the air. The 58-year-old media personality was on Instagram this Saturday to announce the launch of her new range of merchandise and also her forthcoming podcast titled The Wendy Williams Experience. the post included a video that features Wendy Williams relaxing on a grandiose couch in her stately mansion.

Wendy Williams Remains Positive And Excited About Her Future

Her publicist reported on Tuesday that Williams was excited about her future and was eager to release her new projects, though a source cautioned that she was not yet in the clear. She was now totally focused on her healing but continued her struggle with health issues. The source said that it was difficult for her to sign further contracts until she was able to read or comprehend them.

Her upcoming project will be Williams‘s first broadcast project since The Wendy Williams Show went off the air after an astounding 14 seasons in June. Sherri Shepherd filled in for Wendy Williams when the star was facing her health issues and went on air with her show titled Sherri. It is still not clear whether The Wendy Williams Experience will finally launch over podcast platforms.