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Mediatek Has New Chips, But Aren’t As Fast As 5G

Mediatek Dimensity 1100 along with 1200 are chip processors with an improved AI. It also reportedly has an improved camera as well as multimedia abilities. The new Taiwanese power chips are set to appear in cell-phone devices from Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme as well as Oppo. Mediatek’s announcement follows the news of Qualcomm’s new power chips of 5G processors found in the latest Galaxy series by Samsung in the S21 sequence. 

These new chips are called Dimensity and have a 6-nanometer technology of TSMC. Last year’s Dimensity had a 7-nanometer technology. Dimensity 1100 and 1200 use the core technology of A78. It has a more efficient battery-run and more power. 

The Phones Using Mediatek Dimensity Chips

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Chinese mobile phones like Realme announced that it would be the first of the handsets to feature Mediatek Dimensity 1200. Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi will follow the same route and introduce their devices with the new chips. A spokesperson for the company said that the launch’s first wave would happen from China. The country has a broader range of 5G handsets. 

About 4 companies around the globe produce 5G chips. Huawei, Samsung, Mediatek, and Qualcomm. Huawei, as well as Samsung, make the chips for their devices. 5G modems from Qualcomm were supplied to Apple last year for its 12 series. Mediatek focused its production on the Asian market and smartphone makers. The chipset vendor eventually became the biggest one in the world for the quarter. 

Mediatek reported that due to its impressive performance in countries like India and China, it had become the biggest chip vendor for smartphones. Even though, following this success, Qualcomm managed to sell more chips than the former company. Doubts surfaced about 5G’s rollout in China back when the pandemic began. But instead, it helped the processor go wildly popular around the world. Over 200 million subscriptions are taken of 5G. Of those, China was expected to bring in 175 million. 

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