Nintendo Switch May Have A New Console Shooters

nintendo switch
nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch along with the Switch Lite model, may just be coming back with popular shooters on the consoles. The idea was leaked on Gamefly, which is an online rental service for video game subscriptions. The Nintendo Switch and Lite are popularly known all over for getting games only after it has all been received by XBox, Playstation, as well as other gaming platforms. This may just be true again with a popular shooter from 2019. 

This makes sense. According to the latest leaked information, the video game “Plants Vs. Zombies: The Battle For Neighborville” is about to be seen on Switch devices. But this hasn’t officially been announced yet. Gamefly, the website where this was leaked, has also pushed listings for the game’s arrival on Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo Switch’s Leaky Past With Gamefly

Nintendo Switch hasn’t announced this information yet. It has been leaked by Gamefly. The latter has a history of leaking several such details on the Switch platform. It’s a pattern. It leaks the release of the game on the device, not just the arrival. 

The platform leaked the details further. It mentioned the game’s arrival to Nintendo Switch and Lite on the 19th of March, on Friday. March and Friday are both extremely popular for video game releases in terms of months and days. The release-date makes even more sense. 

The listing, as one could expect, is already taken down from Gamefly. But the platform has not responded in any other way to it. Although EA Games also hasn’t commented on the game. Last July, the firm mentioned about seven games from EA arriving on Switch in the coming year.