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Porsche Taycan EV Is Selling For $81,250

Porsche Taycan EV, the company’s entry-level car, has a horsepower of 469. The vehicle has rear-wheel drive. It also comes in pink color, for those who need it! The new car by the corporate giant also stands a record for being its cheapest one yet. After being introduced to the brand’s other family lineup, Porsche Taycan sits below the Turbo S and 4S models. The rate it is selling for currently is $81,250. This excludes tax credits. But it also includes a destination tax of $1,350. 

A base-model Taycan stands apart from its other counters. Along with its rear-wheel drive, it only has a single electric motor. The battery pack is lithium-ion and is powered at 79.2 of a kilowatt-hour. The motors can handle horsepower of 321 and torque of pound-feet at 250. 

Other Features Of Porsche Taycan

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With activated launch control, instead of the standard tune, the Sport Chrono optional pack, the horsepower can rise to 402 as well. The battery can be upgraded with a specification of Performance Plus, which would cost $5,780. This would increase the battery power to 93.4 kilowatts. As a result, the horsepower can further reach heights, reaching 469 during launch control. 

Porsche Taycan gives 5.1 seconds 60 meters per hour. Porsche Taycan will have 3.8, while Turbo S and Turbo have 2.6 and 3.0 seconds. Taycan’s top speed is 143 meters per hour. While Turbo 4S has 155. Turbo S and Turbo have 161 mph, respectively. 

According to Porsche, the vehicle will only take 20 minutes to charge from 5% to over 80%. But only with a fast-charger. Porsche Taycan went live in China long ago and used one of the models to set a Guinness World Record for an electric vehicle’s longest drift. 

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