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Fortnite Esports Will Receive $20 Million From Epic

Fortnite’s developer, Epic, spoke about the 2021 Esports. It said that the 2021 Esports might see prize money of more than $20 million. Compared to last year’s $17 million prize money, the amount is a vast hike. Although according to the World Cup in 2019, the prize is way below $10 million. 

The esports coming up has been under minor controversy, reasoning behind the low prize amount. But this time around, professional Fortnite players can now feel assured with the $3 million up this time. This time, the game will feature several other formats and a modification in its scoring techniques. 

Fortnite Champion Sequence

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The announcement follows as the company provided some particulars for the newest seasons of Fortnite’s Champion Sequence. It is the stage of the highest level competitors of the game. Several other details were further revealed. The competition is set to happen online. About the schedules rounding the game, Epik said that on February 4th, the qualifiers would take off. The finals will begin on March the 12th. The broadcast might be in several languages— Spanish, French as well as German. 

The total score run will be updated live on Epic’s blog site. Regarding this, the company said that its objective is to increase the consistency of the year-long matches. It is meant to tie every season of the 2020 esports phenomenon collectively. Epic further announced a partnership. This will see about 23 variously skilled groups of soccer players inside the esport event. 

With Fortnite Champion Sequence’s approximately four seasons, there are several other tournaments on the way for the 12 months. About the decision, Epic said that they have other plans for the mid as well as the end quarter of 2021. They’ll place the highest performing gamers from every area in aggressive codecs. 

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Out of $20 million, since $3 million will be given for 4 season winners, the remaining $8 is not yet determined for the other tournaments.

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