Megan Fox Celebrated Her Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s 32nd Birthday

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

Megan Fox wished Machine Gun Kelly on his birthday as her fiancé turns thirty-two. She posted on social media calling the rapper a “Gorgeous Soul”. Fox paid an adorable tribute to the love of her life via Instagram on the 22nd of April.

Megan Fox shared a picture of Machine Gun Kelly giving her girlfriend, Fox a piggyback ride. She wrote about the beautiful and gentle heart of her fiancé. She also mentioned how very thoughtful and generous Kelly is. Fox called Kelly witty, humourous, smart, and absurdly strange. 

Megan, whose zodiac sign is Taurus, mentioned Machine Gun Kelly’s zodiac sign being Gemini if he was born a month later. Her fiancé’s mother told her that Kelly was born a month early. 

Kelly’s mother also mentioned him being “cuddly and fussy” while he was a little kid. Megan said that Kelly could aptly be described as cuddly and fussy as mentioned by his mother to her.

Megan Fox Mentions About Kelly Being The Most Unique Human

The Transformer star and model is being gushy about the 32nd birthday of his rockstar fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. Brian Austin Green, the ex-husband of Megan Fox, announced his split from Fox after 10 years of their marriage in the year 2010. The American model has previously been captured with the rapper in public.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been seriously and officially dating each other. Their connection and bond are getting stronger with the days as they are devoting more and more time to each other.

As Megan Fox shared their adorable picture on social media, the comment section was filled with warm wishes. The heartwarming words of Fox to shower good wishes, love, and tribute to her lovable fiancé Machine Gun Kelly took away the hearts of their fans. The comment section of her Instagram handle was flooded with love and beautiful birthday wishes.