Meredith Marks, The ‘RHOSLC’ Actor, Opens Up About Why She Distrusts Lisa Barlow

meredith marks

Meredith Marks has confessed just before the release of The RHOSLC Season 3 that she had never totally believed whatever Lisa Barlow had said even when they were good friends. 

Meredith Marks Dilemma Over Lisa Barlow

Meredith Marks, age 50, elaborates in a show with Page Six that Lisa would constantly be slandering the people in her life. That did not go down well with her and she always felt uneasy and uptight about it. 

Their friendship ended when Lisa spoke ill about her in the second season of ‘The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City. Lisa who is the owner of Vida Tequila called her a slut who had hooked up with every tom, dick, and harry in New York. Seth Marks, her husband, had also not been spared. His career and lifestyle were all fabricated, Barlow alleged. Meredith felt that it was uncalled for and unwarranted. Due to this, their friendship ended.

Even though Lisa asked for forgiveness, irreparable damage had already been done. Meredith felt it was not easy to believe her again as she was unaware of what had triggered this outburst. Later Barlow did say that she did not like Meredith to be friends with Mary Cosby who was her antagonist. 

The equation in the Season 3 of the show sees that Lisa has made friends with Whitney Rose while Meredith has made friends with Jen Shah. At the beginning of the show, Meredith confides in Shah, 48, that gossip has it that Barlow’s life was on the rocks. Her career and marriage were not doing well, though there was no evidence of it. More will be revealed in the following week on Virtual Reali-Tea by Page Six. On the 28th of September, Wednesday at 9 pm on Bravo, ‘The RHOSLC’ begins.