Experts Worried About Virtual Reality’s Position In The Metaverse


On the function that virtual reality technology will play in the Metaverse, experts have expressed a variety of opinions. Given its slow acceptance rates, analysts predict that virtual reality (VR) will ultimately have a position inside the Meta, but not anytime soon.

Few things compare to the sensation of being nearly completely submerged in a virtual world, which is why many people think the technology will naturally fit into the Meta.

With the introduction of Meta accounts, which the company claims will make it easier for customers to access its Meta Horizons platform using Oculus VR headsets, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is making a significant investment in this technology.

Metaverse Will Take Virtual Reality’s Place?

Mary Spio, the founder and CEO of the metaverse platform CEEK, is another person promoting the VR metaverse. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Spio makes the case that users need to be completely immersed in a Metaverse for it to be effective.

Musicians and athletes can communicate directly with their following in a virtual environment with the aid of Spio’s metaverse platform CEEK.

However, Spio acknowledges that for VR technology to be widely adopted, both VR and non-VR accessibility must be supported in their Meta. These three factors include content, usability, and accessibility. She believes that the quantum plunge will happen in the next few years for the Metaverse and the VR adaptation.

The CEO of Everyrealm, a company that creates meta ecosystems, Janine Yorio, disagrees.

According to Yorio, Meta platforms and VR technologies should advance independently of one another without taking each other into account.

According to her assessment, only a very small proportion of Meta experiences are being developed for VR, such as CEEK, and she notes that it is unlikely that VR will significantly alter the course of history any time soon.