Metaverse Wedding Hosted By Decentraland

Snow Crash
Snow Crash

A couple in Phoenix recently tied their wedding knots with their digital identities on the first weekend of this month in the Metaverse. The ceremony took place in Decentraland, which was complete with witnesses, as stated by Clint Bolick, the Supreme Court Justice officiant, along with a virtual crowd of around 2,000 guests on the 5th of February. The couple, Ryan and Candice Hurley hired the Rose Law Group to legally formalize their marriage. The Founder and President of the Group, Jordan Rose, has claimed that this has been the first-ever wedding hosted on any blockchain-based server. 

Get Married In The Metaverse- And See Your Wildest Dreams Come True

The President also informed Cointelegraph that due to the metaverse still being in its infancy, the company had to develop the legal paradigm for a legally recognized marriage. The wedding ceremony took place on the Rose Law Group’s estate on Decentraland.

The law group went on to develop a meta-marriage framework by going forth and incorporating a Virtual Premarital Agreement which would identify the virtual identities of the couple as well as the digital assets that have been recorded on this blockchain. At the same time, the Meta-Marriage-License identified, tokenized, and recorded the virtual identities of the couple and place of marriage on the blockchain as an NFT. 

Jordan Rose clarified that as of now there has been no legal framework for marriage in the Metaverse, therefore whether it would be legally binding is purely a question of contract. She further clarified that, unlike the real world, the blockchain universe wasn’t limited by physical constraints that would restrict one’s dream wedding. Only in the blockchain would one be able to run rife with their wildest, most imaginative dream wedding and see it become a reality. 

Decentraland added that people could understand the future of the metaverse as being completely decentralized and existing almost entirely on the blockchain. This would mean that the future of marriage in this universe would not require a record of their marriage in the dream world.