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Harmony Blockchain Has Been Receiving A Lot Of Traction

Harmony is a platform based on blockchain that has aims of addressing the conundrum of achieving both decentralization and scalability. The blockchain was launched as part of the initial exchange offering of the Binance Launchpad back in 2019. It was aimed to be a bridge between the efforts of decentralization and scalability. The platform was created with the idea of decentralization at scale in mind, which would emphasize the sharing of data along with the construction of nonfungible asset and fungible asset marketplaces.

Harmony Blockchain Could Pave The Way For More Platforms To Succeed

Also, Harmony has promises of providing high throughput with a bunch of lows- costs and latency. They are also expected to push the platform at exactly the center of their efforts to bring about the groundwork for more decentralized trustless economies when they end up getting combined. ONE began as a company back in 2018 before the IEO took place.

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But, what are the faces behind this platform? The common answer- is many. There are multiple investors, which include the Consensus Capital of Silicon Valley, Lemniscap VC from Hong Kong, and others who were interested in the platform to the point where they ended up raising $18 million in April 2019. 

Harmony also provides investors with valued access to an ecosystem that would help in the company’s adoption across a bunch of marketplaces, ad exchanges, supply chain monitoring, gaming, and credit rating systems. The platform, like several other layer 2 platforms, has seen their community token, ONE- which stresses the objective of the protocol of assisting open consensus procedures for billions of individuals. 

The ONE token of Harmony can be utilized to pay for every form of platform activity and amenity- which includes transaction fees, voting, staking, gas fees, and earning rewards.

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