Millions Will Be Deemed Eligible For The Next Round Of Stimulus Check Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Thousands of Americans are still experiencing the pain of high levels of inflation- which is relatively due to certain state governments constantly offering tax filers some relief through another stimulus check payment. Although the rate of inflation has gone down considerably in recent months, consumers are still suffering through sticker shock at supermarkets, which has led to a few state governments gearing up and taking action.

In recent months, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts went on to announce that it would be providing some of the eligible taxpayers with a refund sum that could amount to 14.0312% of their personal income tax. 

Stimulus Check Payment To Be Issued To A Few States

In the state of Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the legislators in the Democratic party have recently devised a proposal that would be issuing a sum of $180 as inflation relief stimulus check payments to the residents of the state who have been filing for the tax year of 2022. If the plan went on to be approved, the singles that did file separately would be receiving a payment of $180, though a couple that did file jointly would also receive a similar amount. Married taxpayers who also filed separately would be receiving close to $90 each, according to the proposal submitted to Congress. 

For the citizens in New Jersey, they would have until the 28th of February in order to file an application for property tax deductions which would be a part of the ANCHOR benefit program of the state. Close to 2 million households in the Garden State have been deemed eligible for ANCHOR, which stands for Affordably New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters. Homeowners who do earn up to a sum of around $150,000 will be receiving a sum of $1500 in property tax refunds.