Stimulus Check Petition For $2000 Signed By Millions Of Americans As Delta Surges

Bored Ape
Bored Ape

Almost 3 million individuals have given their signatures to a petition that demands monthly $2000 stimulus checks to be issued by Congress. The petition has only been gaining traction after being posted on

The Very Popular Stimulus Check Petition

The petition had been created by Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner. The petition has recently become even more popular after the United States saw a surge in coronavirus cases due to a variant known as the Delta. Since May, millions of American citizens have voiced their agreement with the stimulus check demand.

Bonin, whose restaurant is in Colorado, asks Congress for a $2000 stimulus payment for every adult as a way to help families in the petition. She also requests a further $1000 stimulus check for kids. The stimulus checks should be issued as soon as possible and then they should be continued for as long as the pandemic crisis lasts.

She continued that, otherwise, workers who have been laid-off, furloughed, or employed by themselves will be struggling to meet their living costs. She said that it falls on Congress to ensure that American citizens are not facing financial ruin after they did their part in ensuring the country remained healthy.

Until now, three stimulus checks have been sent out in rounds. In March 2020, the administration under Trump sent out stimulus aid worth $1200 to every eligible American in the starting round. In the next round, which was sent out after 9 months, the stimulus payment was a maximum of $600. The third and latest one was by the Biden administration, worth $1400, in March of this year.

It is uncertain if fourth stimulus checks will ever happen. In May, Biden’s White House passed the ball to Congress as they said that the final decision will be decided by the lawmakers.