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Monday, March 20, 2023

Epic Games Has Declared It Will Not Follow Minecraft’s NFT Ether Ban

The CEO of Epic Games said that he is not leading his firm to a future that Minecraft has faced with their NFT bans On their Ether NFT tokens. He said the developers would be the ones to decide how they are going to develop their games.

The founder and CEO of Epic Game, Mr. Tim Sweeney, has said that he will not follow Minecraft’s NFT ban. As per reports so far, the developers of Minecraft goes, by the name of Mojang Studios, were banned from using NFTs. The company said to believe that the aspects, particularly the speculative ones of NFT, come with risks of scams and exclusions. This is also associated with the NFTs game’s principles.

Epic Games CEO Says Game Developers Should Choose How They Want To Develop The Game 

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Tim has taken the tweeter to share his views about how he thinks that the developers are the ones to decide how they want to build the games, and the users should decide if they want to play them or not. He added that he is not going to interfere or let stores or other operating system makers do so in the developer’s business.

Minecraft Developers Face a Ban On Their Ether NFT Tokens: 

The NFT ban by the developers of Minecraft has given others the opportunity to solve a major problem. The play-to-earn website has its crypto ecosystem built around its games. Their NFTs have been generating 51000 Ether (ETH), which is worth up to 80.8million dollars of the trading volume.

Since the news was published, the floor price of Ether has dropped to 1.01ETH from 3.33ETH. However, another native token in the meantime has taken a huge leap by 55% in between that time.

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After the announcement of the ban, their team has only said that they are currently thinking about solutions to move forward.

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