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Multiple State Stimulus Checks Go To Residents In The 2022 Festive Season: Check Your Eligibility

Millions of Americans are in line for a stimulus check in the 2022 festive season and the payments are expected to continue into January next year, while most of the payments are at the state and local level, billions remain unpaid at the federal level and the administration has moved to clear the dues.

At the federal level the IRS and the Treasury Dept. have sent out close to 10 million letters to individuals and families who have not claimed their economic impact payment and other federal stimulus checks in 2021. There have been no new federal stimulus checks in 2022 despite the record inflation that has assailed Americans for over a year due to rising prices.

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But billions remain unclaimed from the potentially eligible families who did not claim their stimulus checks, including the EITC payments and the expanded Child Tax Credit stimulus checks.

State Stimulus Checks Continue Into Festive Season

Residents in several states could be in line for their state stimulus checks in December and January next year. it could be a much-needed festive bonus for families and individuals who continue to struggle with high inflation and other economic hardships.

The California Middle-Class Tax Rebates continue into December with the payments ranging from $200 to $1,050. Residents who have filed their 2020 state income tax returns by October 15, 2021, are eligible for the payments. If filing jointly, they should have an individual AGI below $250,000 in 2020 and below $500,000.

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Most payments have been sent out but debit card payments are being processed and mailed. People can expect a delay of two weeks after the mailing date due to service delays by the US postal service. People who are scheduled to receive debit card relief checks as they have changed their bank or account will get their payments in January.

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