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Sunday, November 28, 2021

NASDAQ: MKTX Earns An Average “Hold” Rating From Stock Market Analysts

MarketAxess Holdings Inc has been given an average of “hold” rating by eleven stock market investors. Out of the eleven, eight analysts issued a “hold” rating and three issued a “buy” rating. NASDAQ: MKTX Chas $457.71 as their one-year average target price. 

How Did The Stock Market Analysts React To NASDAQ: MKTX “Hold” Rating?

Zachs Investment Research decreases its MarketAxess Holdings Inc shares to a “hold” rating from a rating of “buy.” They also issued a target price of $474.00 on 9th September during a Wednesday report. Rosenblatt Securities also cut its NASDAQ: MKTX Shares to $493.00 from $505.00. They also issued a rating of “neut on 6th October during a Tuesday report. 

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On the other hand, BidaskClub increased its MarketAxess Holdings inc states to a “hold” rating from a rating of “sell” during a Wednesday report. Piper Sandlee increased its price target to $535.00 from $520.00 and issued a rating of “neutral” on 23rd July duringa Thursday report. Last but not the least, Raymond James issued a rating of “buy” on NASDAQ: MKTX shares on 5th October during a Monday report. 

How Did The Hedge Funds React To MarketAxess Holdings Inc’s Recent Rating?

IFO Advisors Inc increased their NASDAQ: MKTX shares by 51.1 percent. They currently own an estimate of $69,000, which comes from 139 company shares. Emerald Mutual Fund Advisors Trust recently purchased MarketAxess Holdings shares worth $79,000. 

Similarly, Signaturefd LLC increased its MarketAxess Holdings by 22.6 percent. They currently own an estimate of $84,000, which comes from 168 company shares. U.S Global Investors Jnc recently purchased NASDAQ: MKTX shares with $100,000. Last but not the least, Blue Square Asset Management LLC also purchased new MarketAxess Holdings shares estimated at $116,000. 

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It should be noted here that 91.72 percent of NASDAQ: MKTX stock is under hedge funds and stock market institutional investors. 

On Friday, MarketAxess Holdings shares started at £522.05. The company’s 52 weeks low is $275.49. Its 52 weeks high is $561.68. NASDAQ: MKTX has a market capitalization of $19.82 billion. Its P/E ratio and beta stand at 75.66 and 0.52. The firm’s fifty days moving average and two-hundred days moving average stands at $472.77 and $472.50. 

The company last released its earnings for the quarter on 22nd July during a Wednesday report. As per reports, NASDAQ: MKTX earning is $2.20 per share. The stock market analysts predicted that the company would make $2.12. 

MarketAxess Holdings Inc’s return in equity and net margin stands at 33.75 percent and 42.74 percent. 

After the “hold” rating, stock market analysts predict that NASDAQ: MKTX will announce 7.48 EPS for this FY. 

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