NASDAQ: SNDL Stock: Is It A Good Time To Invest In Sundial Growers Inc Stock?

SNDL stock
SNDL stock

On 20th October’s during a Tuesday report, Sundial Growers Inc began the trading day at $0.19. NASDAQ: SNDL stock has dived -1.76 percent from the previous trading session. 

If we analyze the NASDAQ: SNDL stock, we will find that its previous close stood at $0.19. Ifs 5Y monthly beta stands at 0. The company’s 12 hours price ranges between $0.1822 and $0.1960. Furthermore, Sundial Growers Inc’s one year PE ratio stands at 0. On the basis of its fifty-two weeks range, Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ: SNDL) Stock has a high and low of $4.14 and $0.17 respectively. Over the last thirty days, NASDAQ: SNDL stock has increased by -26.87 percent. 

What Is Sundial Growers Inc’s Earnings For The Quarter? 

As of now, the company’s market capitalization stands at $36.57. As per stock market analysts, NASDAQ: SNDL stock will bring in $-0.11 earnings per share. That would mean that its EPS will grow by $-0.5. Stock market analysts also predict that the company’s EPS will increase by -$0.15 for 2021. 

Going by what the stock market experts estimate, Sundial Growers Inc will witness an EPS growth of -0.79 percent this year and -0.7 percent next year respectively. 

Stock market analysts have also estimated that NASDAQ: SNDL stock will bring in $17.12 million in revenue. The lowest is estimated at $15.32 million and the highest is estimated at $18.56 million. This means that Sundial Growers Inc will see a growth of -48.9 percent. As per the stock market analysts, Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ: SNDL) stock’s revenue for the year will be $65.88 million, which is 18 percent higher than what the company reported in 2019. 

How Is The Market Reacting To NASDAQ: SNDL Stock At The Moment?

Currently, NASDAQ: SNDL Stock has an average recommendation of “sell”. 

The short term stock market indicators show 100 percent “sell” for NASDAQ: SNDL stock. The medium-term stock market indicators show a 100 percent “sell” for Sundial Growers Inc. The long term stock market indicators also show 100 percent “sell” for NASDAQ: SNDL stock. 

Five stock market analysts have dated Sundial Growers Inc stock. All five analysts issued a rating of “hold” on NASDAQ: SNDL stock. None issued a rating of “buy”. None issued a rating of “outperform”, “underperform”, and “sell.” 

Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ: SNDL) Stock has a three months average trading volume of 14.79 million. Meanwhile, for the preceding 10 days, it is 24.04 million. Its current outstanding shares stand at 213.79 million. 

We should note that 35.25 percent of SNDL stocks are under stock market insiders. Around 14.16 percent is owned by institutional investors.