Stimulus Check Round2: Trump Willing To Spend ‘Bigger’ Than Democrats

Stimulus Check Round 2
Stimulus Check Round 2

As the second stimulus package on Capitol Hill is getting fixed today, President Trump says he is ready to give a blank check to get it done before Election Day. This morning (Oct 20) on “Fox and Friends” he was recorded promising a blank check to the Democrats to get the stimulus check round 2 working. He added he was glad to receive as many votes as possible from Democrats or Republicans.

A compromise bill is being negotiated today by Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary.

Being steadfast to her number of $2.2 trillion, Pelosi mentioned if a deal is not attained today the Bill is most likely to not pass by Nov.3. Even though there are a lot of differences between the two parties regarding how the money will be spent, the White House raised the amount to $1.9 trillion now.

According to Politico, Pelosi, too, stresses on the bill passing by Election Day.

She said she didn’t want to stretch this matter into the next presidency. Pelosi claimed on a conference call with House committee chairmen, they have got to get something big done very soon and in the right manner.

As the senate opposes, voters demand Stimulus Check Round 2

Trump and Pelosi are not incorrect that America wants stimulus check round 2. New York Times/Siena College poll current results show 72% of voters ask for it while 21% oppose the bill.

Stimulus Check Round 2
Stimulus Check Round 2

Yet the 21% consists of a number of Senate Republicans. They are refusing to back down even when Pelosi and Mnuchin’s efforts on the bill are shaping up. Sen.Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) said this would break up the Republicans if such claims are authentic, the Politico reports.

It is extremely difficult to attain this bill because even if all 47 Democrats and their inclined allies supported the bill, they would still be short of 13 Republicans to get it through as their natural instincts will be to oppose it according to Whip John Thune, Senate Majority. He told Politico finding the 13 votes wouldn’t be an easy task. His boss, Mitch McConnell, however, expressed a wish to consider any deal proposed by Pelosi reached with the White House.

Carrying out the actions

McConnell naturally won’t be keen on working on a bill opposed by the majority of Republican senators. With Trump falling a bit on the polls right before the election many GOP Senators might refrain from granting him any more favors.

A Republican ‘skinny’ bill is being dealt with by the Senate today, which is likely to spend up to $500 on forgivable loans to small businesses but no stimulus checks will be funded. Business liability protection from coronavirus-related lawsuits is also being worked upon, while the Democrats strongly oppose it, even Pelosi and Mnuchin do not agree on the same point regarding this. Even when it’s difficult to attain a consensus, all agree that a stimulus check round 2 of $1,200 is deserved by the eligible taxpayers.

Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer of Politico wrote that it’s not the first time such a deadlock situation has worked out. Yet getting out of this fix still seems a far-fetched expectation given the situation.