Neil Patrick Harris Apologizes After Amy Winehouse Meat Platter Photo Resurfaces

Neil Patrick Harris

After outrage over a picture taken at a Halloween party in 2011, Neil Patrick Harris issued an apology.

On Monday, May 16, Harris, 48, told Entertainment Weekly, “a picture recently appeared from a Halloween party that my husband alongwith myself had attended  eleven years ago.” It was unfortunate then, and it is regrettable now. No one will ever be able to replace Amy Winehouse, and I apologize if this photo caused any offense.

The image, which has been making the rounds online since previously this month, displays a piece of flesh that has been carefully arranged with beef ribs and pork to resemble Amy Winehouse.

The 27-year-old “Rehab” singer passed away in July 2011 from alcohol intoxication, 3 months prior to the party hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend David Burtka. Actor and Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s husband Justin Mikita tweeted the first photo of the charcuterie spread. I ran across these folks last night at @ActuallyNPH and @GourmetMD’s Halloween bash. “Lookin’ good,” Mikita, then 36, wrote in 2011.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Picture Sparked Outrage

A little placard next to the dish in the photo says, “The Corpse of Amy Winehouse,” and describes the various cuts of meat on it. “Spicy BBQ sauce with beef ribs, pulled pork, and chicken sausage.”

The photo’s reemergence has caused a lot of controversy. Society is long overdue for a conversation about the sexist treatment of Amy Winehouse by the media machine alongwith its captive audience in the early 2000s and 2010s. One Twitter user said, “Neil Patrick Harris’ f – – ked up corpse cake is simply the tip of the iceberg,” while others were appalled by the “graphic” and “inappropriate” picture.