NeNe Leakes Accused Of Over-Using Facetune

Nene Leakes

NeNe Leakes and Facetune have been at odds for years, however, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is now fighting the picture editing program.

“I am in love with you! 404, Yung “Leakes, 54, captioned a photo of herself standing in front of beautiful green shrubs in a basic white tank top that she shared on Monday. Her eyes had a sclera that matched the shine of her blouse, and her complexion was nearly faultless.

Facetune’s official Insta account remarked on the photo, “We adore you.” NeNe Leakes has had a squabble with Facetune, a picture-altering app.  

Facetune Throws Shade At NeNe Leakes 

As a reaction, Leakes retorted: “This is, after all, a professional photographer. Put a stop to it.” Instagram users had a field day with shady conversations after the former reality star was suspected of over-editing her photographs.

“As if experienced photographers are not aware of Facetune’s capabilities? “That indicates someone is being paid for their labor, but they are not utilizing the app,” one said, while another objected.”

There were a lot of jokes, and there were a lot of commentators “Lmao!” says the narrator, referring to the FaceTune buzz. “LMFAO CLAP BACK 2022” and “Comments in support of FaceTune.” Facetune is the winner.”

Viral smartphone applications have made it simpler for average people on social media to edit, improve, and retouch their images in recent years. Although users can whiten their teeth, airbrush their complexion, and decrease their waistlines, many people think that these powers generate moral difficulties and have a harmful influence on a person’s self-esteem.

“This is, after all, a professional picture session. “Enough is enough,” the “RHOA,” said “alumni retaliated. “Why the fuck does she appear so white?,” Leakes wrote on several of the other pictures she shared on her feed. “Everybody is just exaggerating to this comic character about how gorgeous she is,” It appears to be false,” “The picture shop is no laughing matter. “Is that Nene Leakes?” “Can we all look so good?” “Do a lesson on face tune smoothing,” one Twitter user proposed to the former Bravolebrity.