Netflix Vs The Royals

Prince Harry

Currently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in a feud with Netflix. According to the source, the duke and duchess want to cut out major pieces of their interview, which they have been filming for over a year. And Netflix chiefs are not willing to edit more or cut out more.

Netflix Opposed The Royals

Netflix is against the royals for asking to cut huge chunks of the upcoming docu-series, and they are trying to ‘tone’ down certain on screen. They might be afraid of the story behind the Buckingham palace curtain might get ruined or expose certain dark secrets of the royals. After the demise of Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th of September 2022, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are trying certain polish things in their upcoming docu-series.

They are afraid that many ‘truth bombs’ will drop on Buckingham Palace and the audience. That show might expose many things about King Charles III and Queen consort Camilla. Not only that but also Prince William and Princess Kate’s dark secrets may get exposed. Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla had a rocky start however, things got healed after certain years.

The upcoming show is produced by Harry and Meghan Markle’s own company Archwell. Netflix is with the filmmakers right now, cause they tone down more it will ruin the originality and cause severe damage. Netflix already millions to the couple, but the couple is hesitant to launch this year, they want it to happen next year.

Liz Garbus directed a docu-series of the duke and duchess. According to Meghan until the queen was alive, Garbus is ‘incredible’, however, after the death of the longest monarch in British history, Meghan has been asking the filmmakers to tone down certain things on camera. Meghan herself has claimed that the docu-series will show her and prince Harry’s love story, the major part of her life. Even though by the will of late Queen Elizabeth II, it has been decided that Harry and Meghan’s children will be entitled as prince and princess, and their fate is yet to be decided by their grandfather King Charles III.