Stimulus Check Update- New Mexico To Send $400 Direct One-Time Payments

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

The state of New Mexico has decided to run through applications as well as create the groundwork that would allow them to bring out a new stimulus check payment which would have a worth of around $400.

The deadline for this particular program would be Sunday, and this program would be aimed solely at alleviating the financial pressure that has been affecting most of the low-income residents of the state.

Payments for this program would be coming in late November, as reported by the spokesperson for the government. Angela Medrano, the deputy secretary for the New Mexico Human Services Department went on to explain that most of the low-income New Mexico families that have experienced substantial personal and economic losses would have these funds to support them- especially if they need extra money to help feed and house their families. 

New Mexico To Issue Stimulus Check Payments

Interestingly, the exact eligibility requirements to receive the stimulus check payment have not yet been brought out. A limited number of applicants would surely be receiving the payments. The state has already allocated around $10 million to the program and will be deciding who receives this payment on the need of the applicant. A spokesperson from KROE News 13 stated that the funds would be distributed depending on the number of applications that would be coming in. The only hope that they had was to get in a good number of applications so that they would be able to serve those people who needed it the most. 

It has been mentioned that the beneficiaries of the fourth stimulus check program would be receiving the payments through direct deposit or check. The government would also be the one to inform those who won the approval via email before they dispatch the payments. Applications for the initiative opened up on the 26th of September and closed on the 9th of October at 5 pm.