Solana Wallet Security Update Could Be Fake!


The last couple of weeks have seen a bunch of unknown hackers constantly airdropping NFTs to the cryptocurrency users of Solana Wallet, where they have been masquerading as a new security update for the Phantom Wallet.

However, rather than being a security update, this is malware that has been designed specifically to steal cryptocurrency. According to the news website BleepingComputer, the hackers have been claiming to be the Phantom team. After opening the NFT issued by them, users are told to download a new security update that has already been issued for the Phantom Wallet.

The users would be able to download this through the enclosed link or even the listed website. To add urgency to the message, the hackers also claim that failing to adhere to the guidelines would result in a loss of funds due to the hackers who have been exploiting the network of Solana. 

Beware of the new Solana Wallet Security Update Hack

This urgency in the message could be related to the hack that was conducted on the Solana Wallet, which saw around $8 million being stolen from close to 8,000 wallets back in August. The security exploit was then further linked to massive vulnerabilities within the Solana-based Web3 wallet service called Slope. If a user followed through with the fake Phantom update instructions, the process would end with the malware being downloaded from GitHub- which would then attempt to steal the browser information, passwords, cookies, and even the history. 

Users who might have fallen prey to the Solana Wallet scam are heavily recommended to take multiple security protections on their wallets- such as scanning their computer with strong antivirus software, changing passwords on sensitive platforms, as well as securing crypto assets, such as crypto trading platforms or bank accounts.