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Saturday, May 28, 2022

New Stimulus Check Demand Goal Almost Reached On Change.org

Around 3 million Americans have signed their name on the petitions demanding a fourth stimulus check across the nation on change.org. There has been a new round of online petitions demanding Joe Biden, President United States of America, to sign a new stimulus check into law. The petitions are asking for monthly stimulus payments of $2,000. The checks must go on till the Coronavirus pandemic ends. 

Petition Calling For A Fourth Stimulus Check to Become The Most Famous Petition Ever!

The largest petition has been created by Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner based in Denver. This petition has called on the House and the Senate to sign a bill into law providing monthly stimulus payments to struggling Americans. The motion of Bonin is calling for a fourth stimulus check. Bonin is calling for stimulus checks of $1000 for each child and checks amounting to $2000 for each US adult.

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The payments must go on till the Coronavirus pandemic ends. Over 2.63 million people in America have signed their names into the petition. In the last seven days, the petition has amassed over 242,000 new American signatures. This is putting pressure on the White House and the IRS to introduce a fourth stimulus check. 

If the petition manages to receive over 3 million signatures, this petition will be the most famous in the history of the website. The petition is expected to cross this threshold of 3 million signatures by August. Newsweek received words from Bonin that the petition will soon cross the benchmark. This petition calling for a fourth stimulus check is constantly being updated by Bonin since the launching of the petition! The petition was first launched when the pandemic hit the US. Donald Trump was still the president of America when the petition was first launched.

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