Launch Of $50 Million Investment By Newman Capital

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Newman Capital is excited to launch its investment worth $50 million a fund to assist the traditional businesses and to develop their position in the evolving and promising world of Web3. Newman Capital is a firm that helps in alternative investments and looks for projects, technology, and founders to help in an unsettling change. A mission is on the mind of Newman who wants to speed up the adoption of Web3 in the continent of Asia and more likely into the traditional world of businesses. 

Newman Capital Wants To Fund Web3 Business Solutions

The fund will be like a pathway to teach the conglomerates how to increase the value of their previous businesses with solutions that are technologically driven. Newman is properly placed in the junction between the offline and online worlds. 

The portfolio of investments of this company has some famous well-established names like Epic Games, SpaceX, Reddit, Loda Finance, Dapper Labs, and many more. The footprint of this company can also be seen in the collectible and art scene which is present with contemporary and modern portfolios and also some works of Banksy and Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese artist. 

The new fund will be provided with an objective for an evolution in the field of Web3 applications, collectibles, and arts and investments in technology in Asia. The motive of the Fund also matches with the goal of Newman to enrich the classical businesses with fusion solutions of Web3-offline. 

Not only the whole world, but the team of Newman Capital also considers that Web3 is the internet’s future. The entire process of the building depends on both technology and philosophy which Newman really values. Though numerous long-established players have tried to grab any opportunity that was placed in front of them to make a mark on the space of Web3, they were unable to find the ideal partner.

The appropriate partner would have helped them to get through the entire journey with immense knowledge about the landscape of Asian businesses.