Lauren Goodger Is Not Well As She Is Affected With Norovirus

Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger announced that she is not well and is suffering from norovirus which is why she will not be posting on social media platforms for some time. Lauren Goodger the star of TOWIE is pregnant for the second time with beau Charles Drury and posted on social media to give news about her condition. 

Lauren Goodger Shared That She Is Petrified With Her Second Delivery

She posted that she is suffering from norovirus and that makes the situation worse and awful. She also wrote on Instagram that due to her poor health condition, she won’t be able to use social media anymore, and thus, people who texted her have to wait. Moreover, Lauren Goodger is scared of again going through the pain of normal delivery. 

At the end of the post, she assured her followers that soon she will return once she is in better shape. She posted a picture with this information where her newborn daughter Larose and beau Charles were video-calling her and she was lying on a bed sick. She wrote that as she is sick, the only thing that she is having on her mind is going out to shop and having lunch with Charlie and her daughter. 

Lauren shared that she got a very sweet message from them and now she was just crying and wanting to be with them as soon as possible. She referred to both of them as her babies. She was admitted to the hospital for her fear of second childbirth as she had a very traumatic first experience. 

She stated that she cannot sleep because of the fear and the pain of labor is not going out of her mind. Lauren Goodger, the 35-year-old actress admitted that she is nervous to go with the process all again. She had her first baby at home with no drugs or painkillers and the experience was very hard for her.