Addison Rae Posted Picture In A Bathing Suit On Instagram

addison rae
addison rae

Addison Rae is an actress, social media star, singer, and star of ‘He’s All That’ and has always posted beach pictures of her on her social media page. Recently, she shared a selfie on her Instagram story where she was wearing a beautiful black bikini with a blue hat on her head which had daisies printed on it. She posted another picture with a simple caption that she is at the beach and both the pictures had a view of the beautiful blue ocean and sand.

Addison Rae Follows Five Ways To Be Happy And Fit

Five ways are discussed in which Addison Rae has achieved such a fit body that is always ready for beaches. The fitness regime of Addison Rae was revealed by her in an interview with Byrdie where she stated that she loves doing Pilates as a replacement for her workout. As per her words, she has been doing Pilates for a long time and she feels really happy and has a glow after spending some time and focusing on herself. 

Addison Rae was asked about the definition of beauty in the interview and she answered that being in a peaceful place in life makes one look beautiful. She connects beauty with a lot of things in life. If an individual is in a good space mentally, then he might also be content physically and be happy overall. 

While she was revealing her skincare routine and products, she emphasized that for her the most essential thing is moisturizing which must be evenly done both in the summer and winter. She also shared that though she invests a lot of time in social media, still sometimes she opts out of it as family times complete her and keep her grounded. 

Addison Rae lastly revealed that her lower body exercise with Kourtney Kardashian is quite effective where she does fire hydrants, donkey kicks, and fire hydrants extensions for six minutes every day.