Addison Rae’s Inclusion As A Reporter Of UFC Leaves Many Offended

addison rae
addison rae

Addison Rae, who is an influencer on social sites seems to get her dream job. She was handed over the responsibility to cover UFC, which she always dreamt of. However, this inclusion did raise some eyebrows. Fans & News workers took a negative approach towards this development. 

Addison Rae’s Recent Stint With UFC Seems To Cause A Wave Of Fury Among Many

While it was a proud moment for the video app-based influencer, Rae’s association with UFC resulted in many frowning faces. Fans who follow fighting closely as well as news workers and reporters expressed their dissent over the issue.

Addison Rae dropped the news of her getting a job at UFC through an Instagram post on Friday. The post portrayed her in full gear of UFC. She was seen to be practicing movements with a fellow worker.

Rae further uploaded a couple of photos where she was spotted serving as a reporter for UFC. She captioned her photograph on Twitter by stating that she took up a course for 3-long months for studying live news reporting. 

It was reported that the soon-to-be 21 did go to the University Of Louisiana. However, this moment of happiness was highly criticized. A large chunk of society thought that many more news workers, who deserved the job more, got deprived.

A follower on Twitter expressed anger by sarcastically calling Rae “classy”. He tweeted that snatching jobs from eligible workers was quite “classy”. Another one sadly stated the fact that many qualified candidates failed to get good jobs because of their looks. Criticism continued as another stated that there are innumerable people studying journalism for their entire life. This kind of move will only demotivate them.

Addison Rae did have supports shown to her by some. However, Rae kept a tight lip when approached by the media.