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Friday, January 21, 2022

Twitter Launches New Push to Increase Voter Participation

Twitter is starting a new feature that will get more people to participate in the next 2020 USA Presidential Elections. It includes an outstanding prompt on the top of the timeline that will appear to all users from the USA when they log in.

Twitter voting push

As clarified by Twitter:

“In partnership with National Voter Registration Day, Twitter is making its biggest push ever to encourage people to register to vote and confirm their registration status. Today, we’re rolling out new tools and in-app experiences that will put voter registration resources at the public’s fingertips and support the essential voter registration efforts happening across the country.”

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In the screenshots above, you can see that the new voter notification will appear on the Twitter main home screen and the “Explore” tap as well. This is to make people aware of their options for voting.

Additionally, Twitter will prompt users with alerts to motivate users to vote as well. Also, a new set of emojis “hashflag” is added when you use the hashtags #VoteReady and #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

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These new features will be linked particularly in the National Voter Registration Day. However, they add to twitter continuous efforts to encourage voting participations as well. This will, moreover, be an awareness about the 2020 elections.

For instance, Twitter put badges on the profiles of the candidates to highlight their tweets. This is to explain who is saying what and what is the reason behind it. It’s a great way to clarify things for citizens.

Twitter political candidate profiles

Also, Twitter has expanded the policies about the misinformation around the elections and voting process.

Furthermore, Twitter has declined paid ads in any political ad, and has compiled a set of other tools and measurements to play the role of securing the impartiality of the USA Elections. Also, to ensure that the platform is not being used to manipulate or impact any voter.

Nevertheless, there are some problems. Several reports have said that Twitter bots armies are as yet being used to expand political messaging and create divisions between voters.

However, Twitter can play a negative role in the election process as well. Yet for them, they are searching for more ways to fight voter manipulation -especially in relation to the process of voting- and motivate more users to participate to the polls in 2020.


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