Nick Viall Of ‘The Bachelor’ Fame Accuses Adam Levine Of Infidelity

Nick Viall

Nick Viall on Tuesday hauled up Adam Levine on grounds of cheating on his spouse Behati Prinsloo, aged 34, with Sumner Stroh the sensational Instagram model. This claim was vehemently denied by Adam Levine.

Nick Viall Shares His Thoughts

In a recent TikTok video as a reply to Stroh’s initial one, Nick Viall said that Behati Prinsloo, Adam’s wife did not deserve this and that she was the only victim here. Continuing further Nick Viall stated that it was because of Adam that this had happened and if it was not her it would have been some other girl. Nick Viall claimed it is the responsibility of the persons in a relationship to protect it.

In a video posted on Monday, Sumner Stroh claimed of being lured into the relationship with Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s lead singer.

Sumner Stroh told Page 6 exclusively that this physical relationship took place in 2021 when she had just graduated from college. Levine rubbished the claims and said he did cross the line by flirting with the young model but it was only online and he had never met her in person. Levine on Instagram said that he had used poor judgment by speaking in a flirtatious manner to someone other than his wife.

Denying the affair nonetheless, Adam Levine did admit to having crossed the line during the most challenging phase of his life. He claimed to have taken concrete steps to rectify this with the support of his family. Levine was confident of getting through this low phase in his life with the help and support of his wife and children.

Ever since the allegations, the couple in their first public appearance went to collect their daughters from school. They maintained a calm and collected demeanor.