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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Nike Faces Backlash Following Its Statement Concerning The Xinjiang Human Rights Violation

The social media of the Republic of China was stormed with criticism for the America-based manufacturing giant, Nike. This originated from a statement that was given by the company with regard to the situation of forced labor that was prevalent in the country.

It was stated by the manufacturing company that they were concerned about the situation in China. The mention of Xinjiang was specifically given claiming the company refrains from using their raw materials from the area, cotton to be precise. The statement was recorded this Wednesday.

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This caused the major social media platforms of the country, specifically Weibo, which is like the Twitter of China, to revolve around the Nike topic. It became the highest trending topic over Weibo. The citizens of China started backlashing on Nike. This took place this Thursday.

Nike Faces Controversy

Wang Yibo, a very popular actor in China, reacted to it in a strong manner. The contract that he had with the manufacturing company got terminated by him. This move was taken by him as a response to the controversial statement. This news was given out by the agency of the actor a day after the recorded statement of Nike.

It is not a hidden fact that the relations between the two countries, China and the United States of America, are only deteriorating with time. Just recently, America, Canada, Britain as well as the European Union took action against the officials of China for the human rights abuse carried out in the areas of Xinjiang. Sanctions were imposed on the country. As a result, China too retaliated by putting sanctions on the institutions and lawmakers of the European Union.

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Nike was not the only international company to defy the abusive act of China. The Sweden-based company, H&M, too did the same.

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