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Monday, September 26, 2022

No Stimulus Check For Memorial Day

Americans who are still waiting for their stimulus checks and tax rebates to arrive shouldn’t bother opening their mailboxes today.

This is because there is no regular mail delivery on Memorial Day.

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Also, you can expect your local post office and couriers to be out of service today, according to the US Postal Service holiday calendar. 

The USPS will re-open its doors on Tuesday, May 30, at the usual times.

One service that will remain running on Memorial Day is Priority Express Mail, which operates all year long. 

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Unfortunately, stimulus checks and tax rebates aren’t a priority on the federal holiday. 

Moreover, stimulus checks weren’t sent out on Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Martin Luther King Day for the same reason. 

The latest stimulus checks, sent out on the federal level, were worth up to $1,400. 

You might be able to claim those stimulus payments if you file a tax return.

Who Is Sending Tax Rebates And Stimulus Checks?

Along with federal payments, there are also states sending money.

For example, California’s Franchise Tax Board told The Sun it last issued a batch of more than 72,000 payments on April 22.

Moreover, there is expected to be a “much smaller batch” of payments issued this month, according to California’s FTB.

The payments in May will mainly reflect issuances.

The payments are under two stimulus programs: the Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II.

These payments are worth up to $1,200 and $1,100, respectively.

As far as tax rebates go, 850,000 residents in Maine, are set to get $850 checks, which could arrive in June.

In Delaware, 600,000 are getting rebate payments worth up to $600 this month.

And roughly 4.3million who live in Indiana will start getting tax rebates next month.

They are worth $125 for eligible singles, and $250 for couples.

Paper checks are set to be issued in July or August.

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