No Further ‘Stimulus Check’ For Missourians?


On Friday, Governor Mike Parsons vetoed a bill that would have given Missourians tax breaks to offset rising food, service, and gas prices. Republica Governor Parson vetoed 4 spending bills. This included a stimulus plan based on tax rebates that were supported by both parties.

Governor Parson stated in his letter of veto that he saw no actual benefit for low- to high-income Missourians. They are the ones who give the highest amount of income taxes to the state.

He wrote that those who give the highest amount of income taxes to the state would not be eligible for the planned credit via stimulus checks. He also stated that the proposition does not do much to help families and individuals with the lowest incomes in the state. This included SSI recipients, retirees, and the disabled.

Democrat Supports Governor’s Decision on Stimulus Check

Rep. Peter Meredith, the ranking Democrat seating on the Committee for the Budget, agreed with the governor’s decision, calling the policy “stupid and bad.”

The governor vetoed an $83Mn proposal for a Missouri State Highway Patrol academy building. Other funding totaled $144 million.

Missouri’s largest budget was passed by the Senate and State House on Friday. The most recent budget includes $49 billion in funding for school transportation, university scholarships, and medical and personal care.

Missourians received $500Mn via tax rebates. Legislators were dissatisfied with the speed of production of the appropriation bills and their subsequent voting, but they were pleased with the results.

Republican state Representative Doug Richet called the process unsatisfactory but thought the results were good. He stated that he believed the transformative projects would benefit Missouri over the next four to five decades.

Individuals would have received $500 stimulus checks, while married couples would have received $1,000 checks. Every Missourian with an annual income lesser than $150,000 if single as well as $300,000, if married, was supposed to get stimulus checks.

Overriding the governor’s veto requires a two-thirds majority in both state legislature houses.