Stimulus Check Update- States That Could Issue Payments To Residents

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

The federal government had previously issued a stimulus check payment all the way back in 2021.

Since then, they haven’t really introduced any plans to send more payments. However, there have been quite a few states that have announced their plans of issuing stimulus payments to the residents that qualify for the payments. These payments will surely help one pay their mortgage or rent, pay their debt off, or pay for one’s child care. The current list involves quite a number of states that have already distributed one or more payments, and are about to distribute the latest batch of payments.

Stimulus Check Payments In A Few States 

In the state of Colorado, Governor Jerod Polis had initially signed a bill into law at the end of May, that issued around $400 to taxpayers who have filed for their state tax returns for 2021 by the end of June. Although the exact amount hasn’t yet been determined, it is still believed that the stimulus check payments will be going out to eligible taxpayers in September.

On the other hand, the residents of Delaware who previously filed for the state tax returns in 2020 should have already received a relief rebate payment of $300 from the state in the month of May. According to the latest reports, single filers received a sum of $300, while joint filers each received a payment of $300. 

In the state of Georgia, residents who have already filed both their 2020 and 2021 state tax returns have been declared eligible for a one-time rebate. Single filers would be receiving a sum up to $250, while the heads of households will receive a stimulus check payment of $375. On the other hand, joint filers will get a payment of $500. Partial-year residents, on the other hand, will receive smaller payments.