Ontology Completes Four Years Of Mainnet Launch

Trezor CEO ZachXBT

Ontology is one of the biggest names in the crypto market at the moment. They have been in the thick of things ever since they launched their main net four years back. Celebrating any form of success is a rare feat in the crypto market at the moment. This is because the market is currently plagued by all forms of negativity. In the recent past, the market has experienced a huge downward curve that has made investors fearful about investing. Companies like Ethereum and Bitcoin slumped to new lows during this phase.

Coinbase is on the verge of liquidation. Amidst all the crises, heading your head high is no mean feat. Ontology has done just that. They have recently celebrated the completion of four years of the company. The company started things off on the 30th of June, in the year 2018. They launched their very first version of mainnet on this day. The next year, on the same date, the organization initiated the launch of its shrading and cross-chain test net. The company continued to grow in stature over the next couple of years. They launched their integrated second layer technology as well as the Ethereum Virtual Machine in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Ontology Elated To Complete Four Years in Crypto Market 

Ontology has remained like a rock when most of its competitors have borne the brunt of the recent downslide in the market. The company thanked all its global partners which helped them to stay strong in the market. The company also expressed its gratitude towards its developers, community members, and contributors across the globe. 

Ontology has been bringing an element of trust, security, and privacy to Web3 by means of ideas that are decentralized in nature. They have also provided useful data solutions that have cemented their goodwill in the market.