No Trace Of A Fourth Stimulus Check But You Can Cover Your Funeral With A $9,000 Benefit

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People in America have been looking out for stimulus checks to help them keep up with the rise in costs and other disastrous things. The American Rescue Plan has included another type of funding that gets less attention than it should. This is the funeral assistance program that offers the families of the victims of COVID up to $9k to cover their burial costs.

As part of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief legislation that President Joe Biden signed in March, the funeral expenses program extends much-needed help to families who lost wages in the pandemic or who are trying to recover from debt. That said, there’s no income limit to apply.

Stimulus Check Update: How To Find Out If You Are Eligible For This

The federal government has assisted several Americans with stimulus checks and also cover their funerals during times of need. This initiative is set to become one of the largest of its kind.

This is led by FEMA, which usually responds to flood and hurricane fallouts.

In a November 1 statement, FEMA stated that it has provided over $1.2 billion in COVID funeral support for more than 196,000 people. The pandemic had brought grief to several families and it was their mission to help such people during and after such disasters. They had dedicated their lives to ease some of the stress and burden caused by the coronavirus.

To apply, you have to be a US citizen, noncitizen national, or a qualified alien who paid for funeral expenses after January the 20th, 2020.

But if you’ve already received any other stimulus check or a type of assistance for funeral costs, such as a burial benefit associated with a life insurance policy, that will reduce or entirely offset what you’re entitled to under FEMA’s program.