Will North Carolina Governor Go For A Fourth Stimulus Check? Old North State Residents Might Get Up To $500

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

While the clamor grows in both Houses of the Congress for a fourth stimulus check, residents of North Carolina might get one if Roy Cooper, their Governor pushes through a proposal.

The Democrat leader proposed that the North Carolina government sends out direct stimulus checks of $500 max to most residents of the state.

Termed the Extra Credit Grants 2.0, this could be the continuation of a program started by the Republicans and approved in September 2020. The program provides $335 to over a million homes in the state.

The fresh plan is to invest $250 million as grants to middle and low-income families having children. This would to a large extent lessen the pervasive financial suffering that families are going through due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

The Details Of The State Stimulus Check

The grant would give $250 to $500 to the families. The low-income groups will receive the maximum amount. This was stated in a press release on Wednesday on the website of the Governor of North Carolina.

As per the proposal, an individual stands to get $500 if their earnings are $15,000 or below a year. The same goes for couples who file jointly and earn $30,000 or below.

Individuals earning above $15,000 and under $30,000 would get $250. For couples filing jointly, the corresponding figures are $30,000 and $60,000.

The Proposal Has Received Widespread Support

Governor Cooper has said that the idea proposed by the North Carolina Legislature will help many families affected by the pandemic. Many North Carolina legislators have pushed for the continuation of the state stimulus check.

The income limit was necessary to help the families who needed the support.

The initial plan, called the Extra Credit Grants was proposed by the State Senator, Republican Brent Jackson from the 10th District. Jackson received the new proposal neutrally.

He said that each proposal will be judged on its merit. He said that his party appreciated the stance of the Governor to support their recommendations.

The Demand For A Fourth Federal Stimulus Check Also Grows

Many Democratic lawmakers have called on President Biden to include a direct stimulus payment in his plans. A petition on the same issue has garnered more than 2.2 million signatures on the change.com website.