Not Everyone Is Qualified For A Stimulus Check 2. Here Are The Details

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check 2

Although there is no confirmation on the final deal on the stimulus check 2 package, Joe Biden, the President-elect has a plan of including another check. While there are no sets of rules or laws deciding on Stimulus Check 2 eligibility, we can give you an analysis of the qualifications of stimulus check 2 based on stimulus check 1 rules and proposals in the White House.

Stimulus Check 2 Eligibility Criteria

Single Taxpayers With AGI Above $99,000

According to the CARES Act, the cut-off point for receiving stimulus check 2 is $99,000. If your AGI is between $75K and $95K you would receive a fraction of the payment.

Household Heads With AGI Above $146,500

The same as the above scenario, they will be excluded from stimulus check 2. To receive the whole amount, said AGI should be lower than $112,500.

Married Couples With $198,000/Year

These married couples won’t be qualified unless their children can create an exception. They will the entire amount if AGI is lower than $150,000.

Stimulus Check 2
Stimulus Check 2

College Students And Teenagers

Individuals older than 16 years and less than 24 years won’t be considered as a child under the CARES Act and won’t receive stimulus check 2. The House has added a proposal of $500 as an aid to dependents but the recent proposal has increased this amount to $1000.

Uncertain: Nonresident Aliens

A nonresident alien is such a person who didn’t pass the test of green card or substantial presence. Such a person is ineligible to receive stimulus check 2.

Heroes Act will provide payments to non-citizens with an identification taxpayer number that the IRS provides.

People Having Nonresident Aliens As Spouses

For receiving stimulus check 2 you require a Social Sec. Number or be an Armed Forces member. If tax returns are filed separately then the citizen is qualified for a partial or full stimulus check 2.

People Who Still Owe Payments On Child Support 

Whatever amount you owe on child support, that amount will be deducted out of the stimulus check 2 dealt out to you. This right can be exercised by the government. There is a tussle between Democrats’ proposal of not garnishing money and the Republican proposed HEALS Act.

People Who Are Currently Incarcerated

Incarcerated people were excluded from stimulus check 1 but a judgment from California federal court has ordered inmates to apply for stimulus check 1 by 21st November. But it is still unclear whether inmates will get included in stimulus check 2.

People Who Are Dead Since Tax Filing

The IRS guidelines state that the family of a deceased individual should return the stimulus money addressed to the deceased person. It is still unclear whether families can legally keep the stimulus money of a deceased person as they did during the economic crisis of 2008. 

If you are confused about your eligibility regarding stimulus check 2, you can use the stimulus calculator. Also, if you don’t file an address change during moving, you can be ineligible for a stimulus check 2.