Washington Lawmakers Finally Decide On Eligibility For The Second Stimulus Check

Boston Omaha
Boston Omaha

After months of stalled stimulus package negotiations, the lawmakers in Washington DC have finally resumed their talks. Even after the latest update, things seemed to be going quite slow. However, that changed today as sources say the lawmakers have finally decided on the second stimulus check eligibility criteria. 

As we get closer to the November presidential elections, the possibility of a second stimulus check decreases. Many representatives even said that a second stimulus bill before the House recess seems almost impossible. Fortunately for many, the Republicans and the Democrats have unanimously announced that they are going to change the definition of dependents to include more people. 

The news comes as a respite for millions of Americans as the first round of the stimulus package has started to run out. 

Who Is Eligible For The Second Stimulus Check? 

Reports suggest that the second stimulus bill will follow certain guidelines from the first stimulus bill, the CARES Act. However, the second stimulus package will take some features of the HEALS Act and the HEROES Act. 

It is expected that individuals with less than $99,000 AGI will be qualified for the stimulus package. The second stimulus check will also include American citizens living abroad. These are just some of the features that will continue from the CARES Act. What’s new is the Heroes Act that proposes to include non-citizens who pay income tax. However, it is still not clear if this clause will be accepted in the Senate. 

Who Qualifies As Dependents In For The Second Stimulus Package?

Reports suggest that both parties agree that the first stimulus bill did not include many dependents. This is going to change now. 

As per the first stimulus bill, non-adults of 16 years and under were allocated a stimulus check of $500. Now, the definition of dependents has been updated to include adults such as old dependents and even college kids. 

The lawmakers have not specified a cap on how many dependents a family can have either. Moreover, every dependent will receive their second stimulus check regardless of what age group they belong in. 

Furthermore, individuals under the Social Security Disability Insurance program will reduce their stimulus package through paper checks or non-Direct Express bank accounts. 

Non-Filers Are Also Eligible For Checks Under Stimulus Bill 

In the first round of stimulus checks, non-filers were eligible, they will be eligible for the next round too. 

As per reports, many non-filers are yet to claim their stimulus checks. It’s because the IRS does not have these people’s relevant information. If you are a non-filer and are waiting for your stimulus money, visit the IRS’s non-filer tool to claim your money. 

Keeping the latest updates in view, it looks like the second stimulus check is on its way.