NYSE:CRY Has Been Rated By Analysts As ‘Buy’


NYSE:CRY has already been given an average rating ‘Buy’ by around eight rating firms that have been looking into this company. According to MarketBeat reports, there have been two analysts who have given the stock a rating of ‘Hold’, while five analysts have given the rating ‘buy’ for this company. The average price target for 1-year among brokers has been set at $27.50. 

It is no wonder that NYSE:CRY has already been the main subject of quite a few research reports. Oppenheimer had already deemed it a ‘buy’ with a price objective set at $25.00 on the many shares of NYSE:CRY. TheStreet has lowered the rating of NYSE:CRY from a ‘c-’ to a ‘d+’ in its report which was dated on the 10th of July. Zacks Investment Research has also lowered the rating of NYSE:CRY from ‘buy’ to ‘hold’. And finally, the Needham & Company LLC also reaffirmed the same ‘buy’ rating with an objective price of $29.00 on its shares of the NYSE:CRY. 

The VP of NYSE:CRY, John E. Davis has already bought over 10000 shares in a transaction that took place almost a month back. These shares had been bought at an average price of $16.65- with the total value coming to $166,500. After the acquisition was complete, the VP now directly controls 70,451 shares of NYSE:PLT which has been valued at around $1,173,009. The SEC disclosed this transaction is a legal filing, where it also stated that company insiders actually owned 4.70% of this company’s stock. 

NYSE:CRY had a strong opening on Friday at $18.70. The market capitalization of the firm has been set at $707.95 million, with a beta of 1.33, and a P/E ratio of -62.33. The firm’s average price for the 50-day moving is $18.58, while the average price for the 200-day moving is $19.84. The debt-to-equity ratio of this firm is 0.97, the quick ratio is 4.59, and the current ratio is 5.87. NYSE:CRY has a 12 month low of $12.63, and a 12 month high of $31.77. 

The quarterly Earnings of NYSE:CRY

The quarterly earnings of NYSE:CRY had last been posted on the 30th of July. This provider of medical equipment last reported an EPS of $0.02 for this quarter, which beat out the estimate put forward by consensus- $0.03. The revenue of the firm was $53.77 million for this quarter, which fared better than the estimates of the analyst at $51.30 million. NYSE:CRY also had quite a positive return on its equity- 0.96%, and a net margin which was negative- 4.33%. Most of the groups have been anticipating NYSE:CRY to put up an EPS of -0.1 for this year. 

About CryoLife (NYSE:CRY)

NYSE:CRY is a manufacturer, processor, and distributor of implantable human tissues, and medical devices throughout the world. This company has been known to work on two different segments, Medical Devices, and preservation services. 

But what makes NYSE:CRY so important, is that it provides BioGlue- a polymer that is created out of bovine blood protein and is an agent for cross-linking proteins for vascular, cardiac, pulmonary, and simply surgical applications.