Oleksandr Usyk Looking Out For Boxers

oleksandr usyk

Boxer Oleksandr Usyk has taken a new initiative to support other boxers. He is a boxer himself. His new initiative is to help others out of the ring. Its primary concern is to support boxers throughout their career. He launched a new blockchain in crypto. The ecosystem platform would help boxers around the world, thrive in their careers. This unique idea would flourish the boxing industry.

Oleksandr Usyk Protecting Weight And Muscles

This initiative perhaps protects the boxing industry intact. Day by day the industry is diminishing in betting. It is a unique and proper way of saving the industry by Oleksandr Usyk. This would help the platform more in improving the tokenize and industry.

Oleksandr Usyk partnered up with a Ukrainian-based cryptocurrency company. Ukraine has been at the top of its game in the crypto game. The economy was shattered after the Russian invasion. Oleksandr Usyk’s initiative would help all the boxers around the world receive donations and investments. This will also deliver exclusive content on boxing.

Boxers from all over the world can connect with each other. This would be beneficial for the sports industry as well to thrive. This platform also features a tokenomics ecosystem by using its RFT tokens. This Qmall is using a small fork of the Ethereum blockchain 

Oleksandr Usyk made it possible for all boxers and athletes to register on this platform. So far one million name tokens are created. The next boxer receives a notable donation, until then the boxer name token will be frozen. All the boxers who are registered are bound to invest their earnings on the platform into their boxing token within five years. Oleksandr Usyk strongly believes that this blockchain-powered platform would help all the boxers level up in the field.