Halle Bailey Melts When She Met A Fan

halle bailey

She is 22 years old little mermaid. Halle Bailey’s recent trip to Disney land was worth it. She met a little fan, who was more than happy to see her and hug her. She is playing Ariel in Little Mermaid, perhaps the best fit for the role. It is going to hit the cinemas on 26th May. It was her day trip to Disney, and every moment of it was worth it.

Halle Bailey’s Emotional Encounter At The Disneyland

The 22 years actress made a short day trip to Disneyland. When a little fan approached her, Halle Bailey was surprised and glad that the little girl recognized her. She gave her a warm hug. She posted the photo on Instagram and captioned she met that little baby Mila rose who made her cry apparently. Halle Bailey loved the fact that she hugged her and fans have started recognizing him.

Perhaps Ariel is everyone’s favorite. The video Bailey shared captured all the moments that happened at Disneyland. Also the beautiful interaction. Halle Bailey has been working so far on that role to feel more authentic. She does want to impress the children and hopes the audience loves her as Ariel.

She had to spend 13 hours a day shooting for ariel underwater. Halle Bailey appeared to be a hard-working person. In her words, she has been pushing herself to the edge to shine more. First time Halle Bailey watched the little mermaid of 1989, the original one. That has been seen for generations.

She is excited to see her version of the little mermaid. New ariel has gained a new perspective on life. This time her life won’t revolve around a boy anymore. She is trying to find herself like any other girl. Bailey is glad that Disney has come up with a shifting perspective. They have moved on from the cliche concept.