Oregon Will Send $600 Stimulus Checks To Its Workers

stimulus checks
Tax Refund

As of next week, the state government of Oregon will begin issuing $600 stimulus checks to almost 250,000 low-income families in the state of Oregon according to a law passed by the Oregon Legislature earlier this year.

On Wednesday, the Oregon Department of Revenue confirmed that transfers will begin this week, with the whole amount expected to arrive by July 1. Direct deposits or stimulus checks will be used for the distribution.

The Stimulus Checks Will Benefit Over 235,000 Families

Over 236 thousand households are projected to get aid. An individual or family must have filed for the Oregon Tax Credit for Earned Income in 2020 and have lived in Oregon for at least the second half of that year to qualify. It is not necessary to declare the first $600 on either your state or federal income tax returns.

As a whole, the one-time assistance is anticipated to be worth roughly $141.8 million.

House Bill 4157, which had bipartisan support in the Oregon legislature, was passed with an overwhelming majority in both chambers. It was passed in order to reward low-income Oregonians who helped keep the state running by staying in the workforce during the first year of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Oregon legislators are not even close to becoming the first in the country to approve payments to citizens. This action is in reaction to the current coronavirus epidemic and the extensive distribution of stimulus checks to a large number of Americans throughout the nation.

In December, Reuters reported that at least 16 jurisdictions were providing unconditional cash assistance to select low-income residents. At the same time, Reuters discovered that at least 31 other municipal councils had enacted similar policies.