Alex Rodriguez’s New Girlfriend Documents Yacht Vacation

Alex Rodriguez

Even if Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are a thing of the past in Hollywood, the former baseball star has not forgotten his love for the Italian boat holidays they enjoyed together before breaking up.

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went on vacation last year, he allegedly followed them on his boat. Kathryne Padgett, the girlfriend of MLB star Alex Rodriguez, posted a “crazy video” of their boat trip across the Mediterranean, during which they visited various European towns.

Alex Rodriguez’s Girlfriend Feels Blessed

Padgett, 25 at the time of the Instagram image on Tuesday, was on a lavish vacation with the ex-New York Yankee, 46, and her family.

According to FGI Yacht Group’s website, the base rate for chartering the 60-meter Alia Yacht is $441,000. A total of 12 passengers and 15 staff members may stay on board.

A drone flies above the sprawling mega-yacht in Padgett’s video, captured by Instagrammer @whoisabdub and synced to Jay-“Interlude.” Z’s The boat has many pools, comfortable white lounge spaces, and a hoop.

The pair is so dedicated to being in shape that they even work out together when on vacation. Tubing, hydro-flying, waterskiing, swimming, dancing, and indulging in delectable cuisine are also shown. Photos taken by the paparazzi show that his new girlfriend, Kathryne Padgett, is enjoying the trip just as much as he is and is not at all put off by the fact that their schedule is based on J.Lo’s.

The two were enjoying hobbies like watersports and jet skiing as the fitness nut cuddled up with A-Rod and checked her phone. It is almost like Rodriguez’s summer 2021 vacation all over again, with country music singer Jessie James Decker and ex-NFL player Eric Decker accompanying him, except NFL sports commentator Melanie Collins is not invited and Padgett is.