Ali Fedotowsky Meets Long-Lost Sister

Ali Fedotowsky

The former Bachelorette has been spending time with a family member she just recently met: her half-sister, who she discovered via DNA testing.

Fedotowsky-Manno, 37, wrote on Instagram on Tuesday about the “blessing” of her new extended family.

She started by saying that she and her sister Tonya and Tonya’s spouse and 2 children had recently spent “the absolute finest few days” together, adding, “All people that I did not even know exist a year ago.”

Ali Fedotowsky Finds A “Close Relative”

What she meant was, “My interest in Grandma Molly’s background sprang from a desire to fill in some blanks in her life. Because of how much she meant to me, I chose to do a Genetic test for my daughter, Molly.”

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno “was so concentrated on learning” about her grandmother that she missed the individual listed under “Close Relative” in the test results. She became aware of the name later in the day, but she just believed it was a relative and continued. Tonya had Googled her name and discovered a “bunch of Bachelorette rubbish,” Fedotowsky-Manno joked, so she contacted the reality star’s father.

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno said, “It’s been the greatest godsend ever!”

Ali Fedotowsky said, “When I did the test, I was not specifically seeking or expecting to locate a sister. Oh my goodness, am I so relieved that I did!”

Tonya is “funny, laid-back, down to earth,” according to Fedotowsky-Manno, who added that “even if she was not my sister I would want to be her friend.” Fedotowsky-two Manno’s children, Molly, 5, and Riley, 4, whom she shares with husband Kevin Manno, enjoying time with their new cousins, aunt, and uncle, are included in the gallery of images provided with the description.