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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parler Has Been Benefiting All This Time

Parler has definitely hit a rough patch when it comes to what has been happening with it. The social media forum is a “free-speech” against Twitter, where several far-right believers and activists have found a home to share their views, following twitter’s vast banning scene. The scenario of Amazon Web Services dropping the application off its domain has caused a media stir. The app also dragged the giant firm to court under the terms of breach of contract. While the case is still pending, the judge ruled against the application’s CEO. 

Several saw this as a chance to boycott Parler, as it was spreading messages of violence. But at the same time, other people also felt that they faced political discrimination at work. There is a mutual agreement that these actions by giant firms have caused a huge harm to the right-wing social media forum. But there are also analysts who have observed and said that the platform could also benefit largely from all this commotion and the public reaction it has graced over time. 

How Can Parler Benefit From This?

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The benefit will be seen in Parler’s long run. These claims are mostly economic in nature. Parler had been nothing more than just another mere social media company. With all the chaos that it has been given, after being suspended from Amazon, Apple as well as Google Play, it has managed to turn a lot of heads around and look at it. Let’s not forget the former Backstreet Boy who made headlines after tweeting the link to his account. It may help the company gain a lot more income than it has lost for not being active for mere months. 

Parler was shut down following the Capitol Riots. But it soon returned with its website too. It only waits for another server to take it back into its original application form, available in cell-devices. 

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