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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parler Allegedly Offered Trump Administration 40% Stake

Parler is a social media forum that has been popular for its far-right audience. The social network became a haven for its users who felt larger social media networks like Twitter or Facebook censor their opinions and are biased. The application grew in popularity, and eventually, it realized the widespread reach it could reach with ex-President Donald Trump as a member on it. Several reports have surfaced that suggest the social network was ready to woo the then-President so much that it went on and offered a 40% to the administration. 

According to resources, as per the deal, Donald Trump would have to first put out his posts on Parler and not any other application. The post could only be posted on any other platform after about 4 hours of the post’s life. It still is unclear how much of the deal was taken into consideration. But sources confirm that it wasn’t just a dinner conversation deal. This had been under talks for as back as 2019 now, in summer. Brad Parscale, the campaign manager for Trump, seemed ready for this deal. The social firm’s Chief Executive Officer had also met with Trump’s campaign lawyer. 

The Reignition Of Parler’s Deal

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The office at the White House warned that the deal with Parler could go against the ethics or rules of the office. However, after Donald Trump lost the elections back in November, these discussions began surfacing once again. But it was also dropped following the deadly Capitol Riots, after which Amazon removed its hosting services for it. It was then followed by Apple’s and Google’s removal of the application. 

Trump’s campaign manager has said that the President was never part of the actual deal. He also further commented that those talks were never as substantive as it is said. The now-fired CEO of the social network said in a court hearing that Trump was about to join his networking, with a pseudonym called PersonX. He also claimed this as the reason Amazon fired his forum.     

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